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Compact and Tunable Forward Coupler Based on High-Impedance Superconducting Nanowires



Marco Colangelo, Di Zhu, Daniel F. Santavicca, Brenden Butters, Joshua Bienfang, Karl K. Berggren


Developing compact, low-dissipation, cryogenic-compatible microwave electronics is essential for scaling up low-temperature quantum computing systems. In this paper, we demonstrate an ultracompact microwave directional forward coupler based on high-impedance slow-wave superconducting-nanowire transmission lines. The coupling section of the fabricated device has a footprint of 416 μm2. At 4.753 GHz, the input signal couples equally to the through port and forward-coupling port (50:50) at −6.7 dB with −13.5 dB isolation. The coupling ratio can be controlled with dc bias current or temperature by exploiting the dependence of the kinetic inductance on these quantities. The material and fabrication processes are suitable for direct integration with superconducting circuits, providing a practical solution to the signal distribution bottlenecks in developing large-scale quantum computers.
Physical Review Applied


superconducting nanowires, SNSPD, quantum computing, single-photon detectors, microwave electronics


Colangelo, M. , Zhu, D. , Santavicca, D. , Butters, B. , Bienfang, J. and Berggren, K. (2021), Compact and Tunable Forward Coupler Based on High-Impedance Superconducting Nanowires, Physical Review Applied, [online],, (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created February 25, 2021, Updated April 28, 2021