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Combinatorial Studies of Ba-Y-Cu-O Films for Coated-Conductor Applications



Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Makoto Otani, Igor Levin, Peter K. Schenck, Zhi Yang, Guangyao Liu, Lawrence P. Cook, Ron Feenstra, Wei Zheng, Marty Rupich


Phase relationships in bulk and thin film Ba-Y-Cu-O high-Tc superconductor system were determined at processing conditions relevant for industrial production of coated conductors. Our results demonstrated that the absence of BaY2CuO5 (which has a critical effect on flux pinning) at 735 ºC – a typical temperature employed in production of coated conductors – in thin films processed in situ from the BaF2 precursor is caused by the sluggish reaction kinetics rather than by the presence of fluorine in the system. Thermodynamic calculations combined with annealing experiments confirmed that BaY2CuO5 is thermodynamically stable but forms at temperatures higher than 735 ºC.
Applied Physics Letters


Ba-Y-Cu-O, coated-conductor, combinatorial approach, phase formation in films


Wong-Ng, W. , Otani, M. , Levin, I. , Schenck, P. , Yang, Z. , Liu, G. , Cook, L. , Feenstra, R. , Zheng, W. and Rupich, M. (2008), Combinatorial Studies of Ba-Y-Cu-O Films for Coated-Conductor Applications, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created October 23, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017