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A Combinatorial Approach to TCO Synthesis and Characterization



J D. Perkins, Dennis W. Readey, J. L. Alleman, J A. del Cueto, King C. Li, T J. Coutts, R Stauber, C. H. Duncan, David P. Young, P A. Parilla, B Keyes, L M. Geduilas, Davor Balzar, Q Wang, D Ginley


We have developed the deposition, characterization and analysis tools necessary for a combinatorial approach to thin flim metal oxides, with a special focus on transparent conducting oxides (TCOs). We are presently depositing compositionally graded libraries using multi-target sputtering and CVD. The initial collection of characterization tools includes UV/VIS/NIR transmittion/reflection, FTIR reflectance, Raman scattering, 4-point conductivity, thickness, x-ray diffraction and electron microprobe. In addition to allowing for a more complete empirical optimization of TCO properties, we expect to develop an improved basic understanding of TCOs, especially in the area of p-type TCOs. This paper provides an overview of our current combinatorial material science program as applied specifically to TCOs.
Journal of the Materials Research Society


combinatorial chemistry, CVD, sputtering, transparent conducting oxides


Perkins, J. , Readey, D. , Alleman, J. , del Cueto, J. , Li, K. , Coutts, T. , Stauber, R. , Duncan, C. , Young, D. , Parilla, P. , Keyes, B. , Geduilas, L. , Balzar, D. , Wang, Q. and Ginley, D. (2021), A Combinatorial Approach to TCO Synthesis and Characterization, Journal of the Materials Research Society (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021