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Colocalization of Cell Adhesion Proteins on 3D Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Fabricated by Rapid Prototyping



Tithi Dutta Roy, J J. Stone, Wei Sun, E H. Cho, S J. Lockett, Francis W. Wang, Lori Henderson


Not many groups have examined expression of cell adhesion molecules in 3D polymeric scaffolds compared to two-dimensional (2D) surfaces. In this investigation, colocalization of cell adhesion markers on 3D rapid prototyped (RP) scaffolds and 2D surfaces, as well as between RP scaffolds with different geometries, is examined. Two sets of RP scaffolds made from polycaprolactone (PCL) with different overall geometries, PCL films, and glass coverslips were seeded with mouse calvarial osteoblasts and cultured for 24 h. Cells were then fixed and stained for vinculin, a focal adhesion protein, and actin, a cytoskeletal protein, at the same time, and imaged for both proteins at the same time to qualitatively determine degree of colocalization.Cells on glass coverslips were well-spread with a high degree of colocalization. Cells on PCL films were elongated with smaller focal adhesions, and cells on one type of RP scaffold were elongated with a decreased amount of focal adhesion staining. Colocalization of vinculin and actin did not appear to be too prominent within cells on the scaffolds, which suggests that cell adhesion on 3D scaffolds may be delayed compared to that on 2D surfaces.
Society for Biomaterials


actin, biomaterials, cell adhesion, colocalization, polycaprolactone, rapid protoytyping, scaffold, tissue engineering, vinculin


Dutta Roy, T. , Stone, J. , Sun, W. , Cho, E. , Lockett, S. , Wang, F. and Henderson, L. (2008), Colocalization of Cell Adhesion Proteins on 3D Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Fabricated by Rapid Prototyping, Society for Biomaterials (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008