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Collision Properties of Ultracold 133Cs Atoms



P J. Leo, Carl J. Williams, Paul S. Julienne


We present a theoretical analysis of numerous magnetically tunable Feshbach resonances measured by Vladan et al. at fields of up to 25 m T. This analysis provides the most accurate characterization of the collisional properties of ground state Cs atoms currently available and clearly shows in contrast to previous work, that Bose Condensation of 133Cs can not be ruled out. The χ1Σ+g and α3ς scattering lengths are constrained to 280 10 ao and 2400 100 ao respectively (1ao = 0.0529177 nm) and the van der Waals C6 coefficient to 6890 35 a.u. (1 a.u. = 0.095734 yJ.nm6).
Physical Review Letters
No. 13


Cs, Feshbach resonances, scattering lengths, ultracold collisions


Leo, P. , Williams, C. and Julienne, P. (2000), Collision Properties of Ultracold <sup>133</sup>Cs Atoms, Physical Review Letters (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017