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Coherent Rayleigh Scattering



J H. Grinstead, P F. Barker


Nonresonant four-wave mixing in rarefied gases in which the nonlinearity arises from microscopic velocity perturbations induced by electrostriction has been analyzed theoretically and experimentally. The spectral distribution of the signal beam was computed from a solution to Boltzmann's equation with a periodic force due to the optical fields. Calculated spectral profiles of scattering from CH4, N2, CO2, and SO2 in the Knudsen regime are shown to be in excellent agreement with measured lineshapes, which are approximately 10% wider than corresponding spontaneous Rayleigh scattering profiles.
Physical Review Letters


electrostriction, gases, nonlinear, nonresonant, Rayleigh scattering, thermometry


Grinstead, J. and Barker, P. (2008), Coherent Rayleigh Scattering, Physical Review Letters (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008