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Co25Fe75 Thin Films with Ultralow Total Damping



Eric R. Edwards, Hans T. Nembach, Justin M. Shaw


We measure the dynamic properties of Co25Fe75 thin films grown by dc magnetron sputtering. Using ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy, we demonstrate an ultralow total damping parameter in the out-of-plane configuration of < 0.0013, whereas for the in-plane configuration we find a minimum total damping of < 0.0020. In both cases, we observe low inhomogeneous linewidth broadening in macroscopic films. We observe a minimum full-width half-maximum linewidth of 1 mT at 10 GHz resonance frequency for a 12 nm thick film. We characterize the morphology and structure of these films as a function of seed layer combinations and find large variation of the qualitative behavior of the in-plane linewidth vs. resonance frequency. Finally, we use wavevector-dependent Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy to characterize the spin-wave dispersion at wave vectors up to 23 υm-1.
Physical Review Applied


Magnetization dynamics, spintronics, magnonics, magnetic materials, wavevector, Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy
Created May 13, 2019, Updated June 16, 2020