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CO Chemisorption on Ni(110): Effect on Surface Magnetism



C Feigerle, A Seiler, J Pena, Robert Celotta, Daniel T. Pierce


The effect of CO chemisorption on the surface magnetism and unfilled electronic structure of Ni(110) is investigated by spin-polarized inverse-photoemission spectroscopy. A saturation in the reduction of the unfilled minority-spin d density of states is observed near 0.5-monolayer CO coverage and attributed to a reduction in the Ni-atom magnetic moments. Transitions into the CO π* band are also observed with an intensity that increases nearly linearly with coverage. No transference of spin polarization from the Ni substrate to the CO π* is found.
Physical Review Letters


Feigerle, C. , Seiler, A. , Pena, J. , Celotta, R. and Pierce, D. (1986), CO Chemisorption on Ni(110): Effect on Surface Magnetism, Physical Review Letters (Accessed December 7, 2023)
Created December 31, 1985, Updated October 12, 2021