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Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with a Spin-Orbit Qubit



Jacob M. Taylor, Karl Petersson, L. McFaul, M. Schroer, M. Jung, Andrew Houck, Jason Petta


We develop a circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture for spin qubits by coupling an InAs double quantum dot to a high quality factor superconducting cavity. A charge trapped in the double quantum dot interacts with the electric field of the cavity, resulting in a large vacuum Rabi frequency of ~ 35 MHz. We drive single spin rotations using electric dipole spin resonance and demonstrate that photons trapped in the cavity are sensitive to single spin dynamics, allowing cavity readout of a spin qubit. The hybrid quantum system allows measurements of the spin lifetime and the observation of coherent spin rotations. Our results demonstrate that a spin-cavity coupling strength of 1 MHz is feasible, placing coherent coupling of spatially separated spin-qubits within reach of present technologies.


Quantum dot, circuit QED, superconductor, InAs nanowire


Taylor, J. , Petersson, K. , McFaul, L. , Schroer, M. , Jung, M. , Houck, A. and Petta, J. (2012), Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with a Spin-Orbit Qubit, Nature, [online], (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created October 17, 2012, Updated November 10, 2018