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CIE Fundamentals for Color Measurements



Yoshihiro Ohno


The paper first overviews the CIE system of colorimetry, covering CIE 1931 color matching functions, XYZ tristimulus values, the x, y diagram, the 1976 u', v' diagram, and the evolvement of CIELUV and CIELAB color spaces and color difference formulae. The paper reviews the measurement of object colors introducing CIE standard illuminants and the CIE terminology for color and reflectance measurements, then the measurement of light-source colors (including displays) with calculation of correlated color temperature and color rendering indices. The paper also discusses practical aspects of color measurements for imaging applications using spectroreflectometers, spectroradiometers, and tristimulus colorimeters. Overview is given for calibration and verification of instruments' accuracy, spectral irradiance and reflectance standards (available from national laboratories), and uncertainty components
Proceedings Title
Digital Printing Technologies; IS&T's NIP16, International Conference | | | IS&T
No. 16
Conference Dates
October 16-20, 2000
Conference Location
Vancouver, CA
Conference Title
International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies


color, colorimeters, colorimetry, imaging, measurement, reflectance, spectrophotometers, spectroradiometers


Ohno, Y. (2000), CIE Fundamentals for Color Measurements, Digital Printing Technologies; IS&T's NIP16, International Conference | | | IS&T, Vancouver, CA (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created October 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017