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Chip scale atomic devices



Svenja A. Knappe, P Schwindt, Vladislav Gerginov, V Shah, Alan Brannon, Brad Lindseth, Li-Anne Liew, Hugh Robinson, John Moreland, Z Popovic, Leo W. Hollberg, John E. Kitching


We give an overview over our research on chip-scale atomic devices. By miniaturizing optical setups based on precision spectroscopy, we develop small atomic sensors and atomic references such as atomic clocks, atomic magnetometers, and optical wavelength references. We integrate microfabricated alkali vapor cell with small low-power lasers, micro optics, and low-power microwave oscillators. As a result, atomic stability can be combined with small size and low cost to be used in battery-operated devices. Advances in fabrication methods and performance are presented.
Conference Title
14th International school on quantum electronics "Laser physics and applications"


atomic clocks, atomic magnetometers, coherent population trapping, CPT, CSAC, CSAM, laser spectroscopy, MEMS, microfabrication, vapor cells
Created March 13, 2007, Updated February 17, 2017