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Characterization of the Optical Properties of an Infrared Blocked Impurity Band Detector



Solomon I. Woods, Simon G. Kaplan, Timothy M. Jung, Adriaan C. Carter


Si:As blocked impurity band detectors have been partially deprocessed and measured by Fourier transform spectroscopy to determine their transmittance and reflectance at cryogenic temperatures over the wavelength range 2 µm to 40 µm. The effective propagation constants for the active layer were derived from the transmittance and reflectance values, and estimates were calculated for the absorptance (quantum efficiency) of the detector and the absorption cross section of the Si:As. The maximum quantum efficiency exhibits good agreement with that determined by photocurrent measurements on similar detectors and indicates that the methods outlined could be used to predict the performance of such detectors from optical measurements of the blanket films from which they are to be fabricated.
Applied Optics


BIB detector, blocked impurity band detector, Fourier transform spectrometer, infrared detector, quantum efficiency, Si:As


Woods, S. , Kaplan, S. , Jung, T. and Carter, A. (2011), Characterization of the Optical Properties of an Infrared Blocked Impurity Band Detector, Applied Optics, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created August 20, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017