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Characterization of a [(O3/2SiMe)(x)(Osi(OH)Me)(y) (OSiMe2)z] silsesquioxane copolymer resin by mass spectrometry



R E. Tecklenburg, William E. Wallace, H Chen


Silsesquioxanes or three-dimensional organosilicon resins, continue to generate much interest due to their unique structures and physical properties. Methyl silsesquioxanes can be formed at room temperature by simple acid catalyzed hydrolysis and condensation chemistries. Very little structural detail exists for silsesquioxane resins due to the very large number of individual molecules present in the resin. Many of these ionized resin species cannot be mass resolved nor structurally identified without the use of high mass analyzers and high-resolution mass spectrometry techniques. Characterization of this methyl silsesquioxane resin, in terms of chemical composition and molecular mass distributions (derived from the ESI FTMS and MALDI TOF MS data) are the subject of this presentation
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
No. 22


Autocorrelation, copolymer, exact mass measurement, mass spectrometry, resin, siloxane, silsesquioxane


Tecklenburg, R. , Wallace, W. and Chen, H. (2001), Characterization of a [(O3/2SiMe)(x)(Osi(OH)Me)(y) (OSiMe2)z] silsesquioxane copolymer resin by mass spectrometry, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, [online], (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created October 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021