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Characterization of Normally-off SiC Vertical JFET Devices and Inverter Circuits



Jih-Sheng Lai, H. Yu, J. Zhang, Y. Li, Kuang Sheng, J.H. Zhao, Allen R. Hefner Jr.


A normally-off SiC JFETs has been characterized under static and dynamic operating conditions. Two application oriented inverter circuits were constructed for additional tests under soft- and hard-switching conditions. The single-phase soft-switching inverter was operating at 100 kHz, and the three-phase hard-switching inverter was operating at 15 kHz. The unique feature of the inverter operating in synchronous rectification mode has been observed. Thus the new generation SiC VJFET device allows high-efficiency inverter operation with reduction of the conduction loss by synchronous rectification and the reduction of switching loss with soft switching.
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


normally-off JFET, Silicon-Carbide, soft-switching, synchronous rectification


Lai, J. , Yu, H. , Zhang, J. , Li, Y. , Sheng, K. , Zhao, J. and Hefner Jr., A. (2005), Characterization of Normally-off SiC Vertical JFET Devices and Inverter Circuits, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created September 30, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021