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Characterization of a high-brightness, laser-cooled Li+ ion source



Jamie R. Gardner, William R. McGehee, Jabez J. McClelland


Ion sources based on laser cooling have recently provided new pathways to high-resolution microscopy, ion milling, and ion implantation. Here, we present the design and detailed characterization of Li-7 magneto-optical trap ion source (MOTIS) with a peak brightness of ≈ 1.3 x 10^5 A m^-2 sr^-1 eV^-1 and a maximum continuous current over 1 nA. These values significantly surpass previous Li MOTIS performance benchmarks. Using simple models, we discuss how the performance of this system relates to fundamental operating limits. This source will support a range of projects using lithium ion beams for surface microscopy and nanostructure characterization, including Li+ implantation for studies of ionic transport in energy storage materials.
Journal of Applied Physics


Atomic physics, Laser cooling, Focused ion beams, Scanning probe microscopy, Battery materials
Created February 20, 2019, Updated January 27, 2020