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Characterization of the Dimensions of Internal Gap in a Glass Artifact Using a Laser Triangulation Probe



Wei Ren, Theodore D. Doiron, John R. Stoup, Eric S. Stanfield


High-accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is always a good option to measure the dimensions on a variety of artifacts. However, due to the large length-to-width ratio of the cuvettes, a CMM is unable to measure the gaps of cuvettes. Therefore, a non-contact technique using a laser triangulation probe is introduced to successfully measure the dimensions of the gap. In this paper, we report a newly developed method that uses a laser triangulation probe and analyzes the multiple reflections from the cuvette walls. The system validation consisted of high accuracy measurements at the top of the cuvette gap with two different high accuracy coordinate measuring machines.
Proceedings Title
NCSLi 2017 Workshop & Symposium
Conference Dates
August 13-17, 2017
Conference Location
National Harbor, MD


Triangulation, CMM, Internal Gap, Cuvette
Created August 12, 2017, Updated August 31, 2017