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The Characteristics of a 1 m Methanol Pool Fire



Kunhyuk Sung, Jian Chen, Matthew F. Bundy, Anthony P. Hamins


A series of measurements was made to characterize the structure of a 1 m diameter methyl 12 alcohol (methanol; CH3OH) pool fire steadily burning with a constant lip height in a quiescent 13 environment. Time-averaged local measurements of gas-phase temperature were conducted 14 using 50 μm diameter, Type S, bare wires, with a bead that was approximately spherical with a 15 diameter of about 150 μm. The thermocouple signals were corrected for radiative loss and 16 thermal inertia effects. The mass burning rate was measured by monitoring the mass loss in the 17 methanol reservoir feeding the liquid pool. The heat release rate was measured using oxygen 18 consumption calorimetry. The heat flux was measured in the radial and vertical directions and 19 the radiative fraction was estimated and corresponded to previous results.
Proceedings Title
13 International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (IAFSS 2020)
Conference Dates
April 26-May 1, 2020
Conference Location
Waterloo, -1


heat release rate, temperature distribution, burning rate, heat flux distribution
Created May 4, 2020, Updated June 25, 2020