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Chapter A.2.1 Photometry, Handbook of Optoelectronics



Yoshihiro Ohno


General introduction to photometry, radiometry, and colorimetry is given. The chapter consists of the following sections:1. Introduction2. Basis of Physical Photometry (2.1 Visual response, 2.2 Photometric base unit the candela)3. Quantities and Units in Photometry and Radiometry (3.1 Radiant flux and luminous flux, 3.2 Radiant intensity and luminous intensity, 3.3 Irradiance and illuminance, 3.4 Radiance and luminance, 3.5 Radiant exitance and luminous exitance, 2.6 Radiant exposure and luminous exposure, 3.7 Radiant energy and luminous energy, 3.8 Total radiant flux and total luminous flux, 3.9 Radiance temperature and color temperature, 3.10 Relationship between SI units and English units)4. Principles in Photometry and Radiometry, (4.1 Inverse square law, 4.2 Lamber's cosine law, 4.3 Relationship between illuminance and luminance, 4.4 Planck's law, 4.5 Integrating sphere)5. Practice in Photometry and Radiometry.6. Fundamentals of Colorimetry (6.1 Color matching functions and tristimulus values, 6.2 Chromaticity diagrams, 6.3 Color temperature and correlated color temperature, 6.4 Color rendering indeed, 6.5 Color quantities for LEDs, 6.6 Spectroradiometry for LED color measurements.
International Workshop on Optoelectronics Packaging and Micro-Optoelectromechanical System


colorimetry, light emitting diode, photometric units, photometry, radiometry, spectroradiometry


Ohno, Y. (2006), Chapter A.2.1 Photometry, Handbook of Optoelectronics, International Workshop on Optoelectronics Packaging and Micro-Optoelectromechanical System (Accessed February 28, 2024)
Created May 17, 2006, Updated June 27, 2017