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Chapter 10: Color and Appearance



Maria E. Nadal, Clarence J. Zarobila


This chapter will cover the topic of color and appearance measurements. These measurements essentially constitute a specific example of the measurements described in previous chapters; except that they are performed in the specific wavelength range sensed by the human eye and is convolved with the tristimulus functions. Oddly, while most technical measurements far outperform human senses, the human eye is amazingly sensitive to color differences, and, coupled with color's commercial impact, makes this class of spectrophotometric measurement extremely important. Many modern commercial products are emblazoned with materials that change their appearance depending upon illumination and viewing conditions, making measurements of these materials particularly challenging. This chapter will present an overview of the difficulties and the approaches that are taken to obtain accurate color measurements. Other aspects of appearance, quantified by gloss, haze, distinctness of image, and orange peel will be discussed, and their measurements described.
Spectrophotometry: Accurate Measurement of Optical Properties of Materials
Publisher Info
Elsevier, Miamisburg, OH


Appearance, Color, Gloss, Haze, Reflectance
Created July 8, 2014, Updated March 27, 2017