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Chain Dynamics and Nanoparticle Motion in Attractive Polymer Nanocomposites Subjected to Large Deformations



Erkan NMN Senses, Madhusudan Tyagi, Bharath NMN Natarajan, Antonio Faraone


The effect of large deformation on the microscopic chain dynamics in attractive polymer nanocomposites was investigated using neutron scattering techniques. Quasielastic neutron backscattering measurements reveal a substantial reduction of mobility in the presence of attractive well-dispersed nanoparticles and that the large deformation causes further slowing down of the Rouse rates at high particle loadings when face-to-face interparticle distance is slightly lower than the chain dimension, i.e. in the strongly confined state. No noticeable change, however, was observed for a lightly confined system. The reptation tube diameter, measured by neutron spin echo, remained unchanged after shear, suggesting that the level of chain-chain entanglements is not affected. These results provide a first step for understanding how large shear can significantly affect the microscopic chain motion in nanocomposites and open up new opportunities for designing mechanically responsive soft matter.
Soft Matter


Polymer nanocomposites, laos, Rouse dynamics, tube diameter, rheology, quasielastic neutron scattering, neu-tron spin echo


, E. , Tyagi, M. , , B. and Faraone, A. (2017), Chain Dynamics and Nanoparticle Motion in Attractive Polymer Nanocomposites Subjected to Large Deformations, Soft Matter, [online], (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created September 28, 2017, Updated August 28, 2018