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Carrier-Pulse Envelope Dynamics in Passively Mode-Locked Ti:Sapphire Lasers



K W. Holman, R J. Jones, A Marian, S T. Cundiff, Jun Ye


We have performed systematic studies of intensity-related dynamics of the pulse repetition and carrier-envelope offset frequency in passively mode-locked Ti: sapphire lasers. We compare the results between two different repetion frequency laser systems that have different intracavity dispersion compensation schemes. We find that the carier-envelop phase noise and its dynamic response depend critically upon the mode-locking conditions. Intensity-related shift of the laser spectrum is jound to be instrumental in theoretical interpretations.
Optics Letters


carrier-envelope phase, femtosecond laser, mode-locking


Holman, K. , Jones, R. , Marian, A. , Cundiff, S. and Ye, J. (2021), Carrier-Pulse Envelope Dynamics in Passively Mode-Locked Ti:Sapphire Lasers, Optics Letters (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021