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Calibration of Solid- phase Microextension for Measuring Indoor Gas Phase SVOC Concentration



Mengyan Gong, Dustin G. Poppendieck


The most often used method to calibrate solid-phase microextraction (SPME) for measuring gas phase semi-volatile organic compound (SVOC) concentrations, i.e. splitless liquid injection, may cause large measurement uncertainty. This study aims to improve and evaluate direct syringe-fiber loading method for calibrating SPME by examining the repeatability, influence of solvent evaporation, and linearity of standard curve for several SVOCs typically found indoors. The direct loading method has been successfully validated for DEHP. Evaluation of this method for TDCPP, B[a]P and PCB-52, and application of the method for measuring DEHP concentration in air of a sealed chamber with PVC flooring will be conducted.
Proceedings Title
Indoor Air Conference
Conference Dates
July 22-27, 2018
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA


SPME, SVOC emissions, DEHP, PVC flooring, Indoor air quality
Created May 24, 2018