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Calibration of Nonreciprocal Radar Systems



Lorant A. Muth


The calibration of nonreciprocal radars has been studied extensively. Here we present a robust calibration procedure using Fourier analysis of back-scatter data from a rotating dihedral. We derive a set of nonlinear equations in terms of the Fourier coefficients of the data which can be solved analytically without approximations or simplifying assumptions. Independent scattering data from an additional target such as a sphere is needed to complete the calibration. We also derive mathematical conditions that allow us to check calibration data integrity and the appropriateness of the mathematical model of the scattering matrix of the target. The technique automatically rejects noise and most of the background contributions.
Conference Dates
November 12-14, 2002
Conference Location
Nice, FR
Conference Title
Journees Internationales De Nice sur les Antennas (JINA 2002)


Muth, L. (2002), Calibration of Nonreciprocal Radar Systems, Journees Internationales De Nice sur les Antennas (JINA 2002), Nice, FR (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created November 14, 2002, Updated June 2, 2021