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Calibration of a Camera and Light Source by Fitting to a Physical Model



P Mansbach


This paper describes the calibration of a camera-and-plane-of-light ranging system. Equations are derived which relate the image coordinates in the camera to the external coordinate system. These equations contain coefficients which are functions of the geometrical parameters of the camera/light-source system (focal length, pixel spacing, camera-to-plane-of-light distance, etc.) Several pictures are taken of a test block at different distances, and the geometrical parameters in the equations are varied to achieve a best (least squares) fit to the data. The resulting equations have a remaining error of less than one pixel, and have been used successfully on a parts-acquisition robot
Computer Vision


Camera Calibration


Mansbach, P. (1986), Calibration of a Camera and Light Source by Fitting to a Physical Model, Computer Vision, [online], (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created December 30, 1986, Updated October 12, 2021