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c-axis Transport in UTe2: Evidence of Three-Dimensional Conductivity Component



Yun S. Eo, Shouzheng Liu, Shanta Saha, Hyunsoo Kim, Sheng Ran, Jarryd A. Horn, Halyna Hodovanets, John Collini, Tristin Metz, Wesley T. Fuhrman, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy, Jonathan D. Denlinger, Nicholas Butch, Michael S. Fuhrer, L. A. Wray, Johnpierre Paglione


We study the temperature dependence of electrical resistivity for currents directed along all crystallographic axes of the spin-triplet superconductor UTe2. We focus particularly on an accurate determination of the resistivity along the c-axis (ρc) by using transport geometries that allow extraction of two resistivities along with the primary axes directions. Measurement of the absolute values of resistivities in all current directions reveals a surprisingly (given the anticipated highly anisotropic bandstructure) nearly isotropic transport behavior at temperatures above Kondo coherence, with Pc Pb 2Pa, but with a qualitatively distinct behavior at lower temperatures. The temperature dependence of ρc exhibits a Kondo-like maximum at much lower temperatures compared to that of ρa and ρb, providing important insight into the underlying electronic structure necessary for building a microscopic model of UTe2.
Physical Review B


electrical resistivity, superconductivity


Eo, Y. , Liu, S. , Saha, S. , Kim, H. , Ran, S. , Horn, J. , Hodovanets, H. , Collini, J. , Metz, T. , Fuhrman, W. , Nevidomskyy, A. , Denlinger, J. , Butch, N. , Fuhrer, M. , Wray, L. and Paglione, J. (2022), c-axis Transport in UTe2: Evidence of Three-Dimensional Conductivity Component, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created August 24, 2022, Updated January 27, 2024