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Buckling Modes of Elastic Thin Films on Elastic Substrates



Haixia Mei, Jun Y. Chung, Honghui Yo, Christopher Stafford, Rui Huang


Subject to compression, a thin elastic film bonded to an elastic substrate can buckle. Two buckling modes have been observed. On a stiff substrate, the film buckles when it is partly delaminated from the substrate, resulting in localized buckle patterns such as telephone cord blisters. Alternatively, when the substrate is soft, the film can buckle without delamination, leading to spontaneous wrinkling of the film surface. Recent experiments have observed coexistence of both the buckling modes as well as transition between the two modes. This paper develops a theoretical understanding of the buckling mode selection and transition for elastic thin films on elastic substrates.
Physical Review Letters


buckling, delamination, theory, thin film, wrinkling


Mei, H. , Chung, J. , Yo, H. , Stafford, C. and Huang, R. (2007), Buckling Modes of Elastic Thin Films on Elastic Substrates, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created December 31, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021