Broadband transmission filter 2013 OIC manufacturing problem contest

Published: January 10, 2014


Catherine C. Cooksey, Li Li, J. A. Dobrowolski, Michael Jacobson


A broadband transmission filter from 400nm to 1100nm was selected for the manufacturing problem contest. The premise of the contest is to test the state of the art of current optical thin film manufacturing capabilities. A total 37 people from 15 teams participated in the contest and submitted 17 samples. Diverse approaches were taken by participants to tackle the problem. A range of different solutions were obtained where the number of layers varied from 22 to 608, and the total layer thickness ranged from 1.859 to 23.099 μm. Two independent laboratories performed sample evaluation measurements. Three teams shared the best result with the lowest average measured merit function.
Citation: Applied Optics
Volume: 53
Issue: 4
Pub Type: Journals

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interference coatings, deposition and fabrication, filters, transmittance
Created January 10, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017