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Broadband detection of multiple spin and orbital angular momenta via dielectric metasurface



Si Zhang, Pengcheng Huo, Wenqi Zhu, Cheng Zhang, Peng Chen, Mingze Liu, Lu Chen, Henri J. Lezec, Amit K. Agrawal, Yanqing Lu, Ting Xu


Light beams carrying spin angular momentum (SAM) and orbital angular momentum (OAM) have created novel opportunities in the areas of optical communications, imaging, micromanipulation and quantum optics. However, complex optical setups are required to simultaneously manipulate, measure and analyze these states, which significantly limits system integration. Here, we introduce a novel detection approach for measuring multiple SAM and OAM modes simultaneously through a planar nanophotonic demultiplexer based on an all-dielectric metasurface. Coaxial light beams carrying multiple SAM and OAM states of light upon transmission through the demultiplexer are spatially separated into a range of vortex beams with different topological charge, each propagating along a specific wavevector. The broadband response, material dispersion and momentum conservation further enable the demultiplexer to achieve wavelength demultiplexing. We envision the ultracompact multifunctional architecture to enable simultaneous manipulation and measurement of polarization and spin encoded photon states with applications in integrated quantum optics and optical communications.
Laser & Photonics Reviews
Created July 25, 2020, Updated August 20, 2020