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The Bragg Crystal Spectrometer for Solar-A



J L. Culhane, E Hiei, G. A. Doschek, A M. Cruise, Yohei Ogawa, R D. Bentley, Christina E. Brown, J Lang, T Watanabe, J A. Bowles, R Deslattes, Uri Feldman, A Fludra, P Guttridge, Albert Henins, J Lapington, J Magraw, J T. Mariska, J Payne, K J. Phillips, P Sheather, K Slater, E Towndrow, M W. Trow
Solar Physics


Culhane, J. , Hiei, E. , Doschek, G. , Cruise, A. , Ogawa, Y. , Bentley, R. , Brown, C. , Lang, J. , Watanabe, T. , Bowles, J. , Deslattes, R. , Feldman, U. , Fludra, A. , Guttridge, P. , Henins, A. , Lapington, J. , Magraw, J. , Mariska, J. , Payne, J. , Phillips, K. , Sheather, P. , Slater, K. , Towndrow, E. and Trow, M. (1991), The Bragg Crystal Spectrometer for Solar-A, Solar Physics (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created December 31, 1990, Updated October 12, 2021