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A Boolean Approach to Modeling Logical Constraints



L I. Schultz


This paper presents a method that uses Boolean logic to model complex logical constraints in a zero-one integer programming optimization. The article examines how the problem of inding a least-cost plan of compliance with building fire codes can be modeled using linear programming. The focus of the paper details how complex conditional footnotes found in certain fire codes can be explicitly include in the optimization model. These footnotes require the analysis of multiple variables and change the coefficient values in constraint equations. After explaining the fundamentals of logic constraint modeling, the method is applied to the cost minimization problem. To further illustrate the method, examples of increasing degrees of complexity are presented.
Decision Analysis


constraint programming, integer programming, interdependencies, life safety code, linear programming, logical constraints


Schultz, L. (2017), A Boolean Approach to Modeling Logical Constraints, Decision Analysis (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017