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Blown away: Citicorp Center Tower repairs revisited



Dat Duthinh


Using Database-Assisted Design and the Tokyo Polytechnic University Aerodynamic Database, we show that face winds put more structural demand than corner winds do on the Citicorp Tower in Manhattan. This 59-story building, supported by four midside columns, famously had to undergo secret emergency strengthening shortly after its completion in the 1970s to withstand corner winds.
Engineers Journal


across-wind excitation, along-wind excitation, aerodynamic database, Citicorp Tower, corner wind, Database-Assisted Design, engineering ethics, face wind, overturning moment, vortex-shedding.


Duthinh, D. (2019), Blown away: Citicorp Center Tower repairs revisited, Engineers Journal (Accessed July 12, 2024)


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Created June 30, 2019, Updated August 17, 2020