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Automatic Generation of Two Classes of Semantic Hypertext Link



John M. Tebbutt


Two approaches to the automatic generation of hypertext undertaken at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are reviewed. The first uses Information Retrieval technology to augment each document in a document space with a list of links to other documents in the space with similar subject matter or content, so-called see-also links. This technique has been successfully applied to the problem of information discovery and management in a large procedural manual employed by a Federal government agency. The second approach uses statistics derived from the processing of documents for Information Retrieval to identify short text passages which are suitable for designation as direct links to other documents in the space, so-called implicitly typed links. While this second approach holds great promise, our work to date remains experimental in nature.
Acm Computing Surveys


automatic authoring, automatic hypertext generation, implicitly typed links, information retrieval


Tebbutt, J. (2008), Automatic Generation of Two Classes of Semantic Hypertext Link, Acm Computing Surveys (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008