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Atoms on Demand: Fast, Deterministic Production of Single Cr Atoms



S Hill, Jabez J. McClelland


We have realized a method for producing single Cr atoms on demand by suppressing the stochastic nature of the loading and loss processes of a magneto-optic trap. We observe single-atom trap occupation probabilities as high as (98.7 plus or minus} 0.1)% and demonstrate ejection with greater than 90% efficiency at rates up to 10 Hz. Monte Carlo simulations agree well with extraction measurements and are used to predict ultimate performance. Such a deterministic atom source has potential applications in nanotechnology, quantum information processing, and fundamental quantum investigations.
Applied Physics Letters


atom on demand, chromium, cold atoms, deterministic atom source, laser cooling, magneto-optical trap, single atom source


Hill, S. and McClelland, J. (2003), Atoms on Demand: Fast, Deterministic Production of Single Cr Atoms, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed December 1, 2023)
Created May 4, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021