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Atomic Spectra and Wavelength Standards



William C. Martin, Wolfgang L. Wiese, Arlene Musgrove, Jeffrey R. Fuhr, J Sugar, Joseph Reader, Daniel E. Kelleher, Karen J. Olsen, Peter J. Mohr, G R. Dalton, C S. Grant, G Eichorn
Reports on Astronomy Trans Int Astron Union


Martin, W. , Wiese, W. , Musgrove, A. , Fuhr, J. , Sugar, J. , Reader, J. , Kelleher, D. , Olsen, K. , Mohr, P. , Dalton, G. , Grant, C. and Eichorn, G. (1991), Atomic Spectra and Wavelength Standards, Reports on Astronomy Trans Int Astron Union (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created January 1, 1991, Updated February 17, 2017