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Atomic Oscillator Strengths by Emission Spectroscopy and Lifetime Measurements



Wolfgang L. Wiese, Ulf Griesmann, R Kling, J Musielok


A series of atomic oscillator strengths measurements was carried out in the last seven years at NIST with a combination of emission spectroscopy and lifetime measurements. Several light elements, specifically C, N, O, F and Ne, and two medium-heavy elements, Cl and Mn, were investigated. The prominent lines in the visible and near UV were measured, and typical uncertainties in the oscillator strength results were estimated to be in the range from 15% to 20%.
Proceedings Title
NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop
Conference Dates
May 1-3, 2002
Conference Title
NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Space Science Workshop


atomic oscillator strengths, atomic transition probablities, emission spectroscopy, lifetimes


Wiese, W. , Griesmann, U. , Kling, R. and Musielok, J. (2002), Atomic Oscillator Strengths by Emission Spectroscopy and Lifetime Measurements, NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop (Accessed June 1, 2023)
Created May 1, 2002, Updated February 17, 2017