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An atomic interface between microwave and optical photons



Mohammad Hafezi, Zaeill Kim, Steven L. Rolston, Luis A. Orozco, Benjamin Lev, Jacob M. Taylor


A complete physical approach to quantum information requires a robust interface among flying qubits, long-lifetime memory and computational qubits. Here we present a unified interface for microwave and optical photons, potentially connecting engineerable quantum devices such as superconducting qubits at long distances through optical photons. Our approach uses an ultracold ensemble of atoms for two purposes: quantum memory and to transduce excitations between the two frequency domains. Using coherent control techniques, we examine an approach for converting and storing quantum information between microwave photons in superconducting resonators, ensembles of ultracold atoms, and optical photons as well as a method for transferring information between two resonators.
Physical Review Letters


quantum information processing, hybrid quantum systems, quantum information storage, quantum optics


Hafezi, M. , Kim, Z. , Rolston, S. , Orozco, L. , Lev, B. and Taylor, J. (2012), An atomic interface between microwave and optical photons, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created February 22, 2012, Updated November 10, 2018