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Atomic Collisions in Ultracold Atomic Gases



Paul S. Julienne, Kevin Jones, Paul D. Lett, William D. Phillips, Eite Tiesinga, U Volz, Carl J. Williams


Cold collisions between trapped atoms are very important in the context of Bose-Einstein condensation. The meaning of the scattering length, and its determination through the precision measurements of photoassociation spectroscopy, are described. This is illustrated using data for theO-g state of the Na2 molecule. Quantitative calculations for inelastic collision rates are also possible now, given the accurate scattering lengths that are available. This is illustrated by the special character of inelastic exchange collision rates for Rb atoms collisions.
Conference Dates
July 1, 1997
Conference Location
Vienna, AU
Conference Title
International Conference on Electron and Atomic Collisions


atomic collisions, laser cooling, scattering length, ultracold atoms


Julienne, P. , Jones, K. , Lett, P. , Phillips, W. , Tiesinga, E. , Volz, U. and Williams, C. (1997), Atomic Collisions in Ultracold Atomic Gases, International Conference on Electron and Atomic Collisions, Vienna, AU (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created July 1, 1997, Updated February 17, 2017