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Atom Probe Tomography Using a Wavelength-Tunable Femtosecond-Pulsed Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source



Ann C. Chiaramonti Debay, Luis Miaja Avila, Paul T. Blanchard, David R. Diercks, Brian Gorman, Norman A. Sanford


We present the instrument design (Figure 1) and initial results from the world’s first EUV radiation-pulsed atom probe tomograph. This instrument uses photon energy-tunable femtosecond-pulsed coherent EUV radiation from phase-matched high harmonic generation in a hollow waveguide. Initial experiments demonstrate EUV (41.85 eV; λ = 29.6 nm) radiation-pulsed field ion emission in SiO2, BaTiO3, GaN, GaN:Mg, GaN/InGaN, Si, and Al. I will compare (Figure 2) time-independent background levels, delayed evaporation tails, peak widths, charge state ratios, multiple hit counts, and the relative number of cluster ions to NUV LAPT (E = 3.5 eV; λ = 355 nm) experiments on the same samples and specimens.
Microscopy and Microanalysis


Atom probe tomography, extreme ultraviolet radiation, materials chemistry
Created August 5, 2019, Updated December 12, 2019