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Asymptotic Properties of Self-Energy Coefficients



U Jentschura, E O. LeBigot, Peter J. Mohr, Paul Indelicato, G Soff


We investigate the asymptotic properties of higher-order binding corrections to the one-loop self energy of excited states in atomic hydrogen. We evaluate the historically problematic A60 coefficient for all P states with principal quantum numbers n {less then or equal to} 7 and D states with n {less then or equal to} 8, and find that a satisfactory representation of the n dependence of the coefficients requires a three-parameter fit. The data obtained are consistent with a limit A60 -> cost. as n -> {variation} for constant orbital and total electron.
Physical Review Letters
No. 16


A60 coefficient, asymptotic behavior, highly-excited states, hydroben, hydrogenlike ions, perturbation expansion self-energy


Jentschura, U. , LeBigot, E. , Mohr, P. , Indelicato, P. and Soff, G. (2003), Asymptotic Properties of Self-Energy Coefficients, Physical Review Letters (Accessed September 22, 2023)
Created April 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017