Assessment of Performance-Based Seismic Design Methods in ASCE 41 for New Steel Buildings: Special Moment Frames

Published: April 16, 2018


John L. Harris, Matthew S. Speicher


This paper presents the results of a study investigating the correlation between the seismic performance of an ASCE 7 code-compliant steel building with special moment frames and its associated seismic performance as quantified using ASCE 41 analysis procedures and structural performance metrics. Analytical results based on component-level performances at the collapse prevention structural performance level indicate that special moment frames designed in accordance with ASCE 7, and its referenced standards, have difficulty satisfying the acceptance criteria in ASCE 41 for an existing building intended to be equivalent to a new building.
Citation: Earthquake Spectra
Pub Type: Journals


Earthquake, Steel, Moment Frame, Seismic Assessment, Performance-based Seismic Design
Created April 16, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018