Assessing the Impact on Business Processes by Interconnecting Attack Graphs and Entity Dependency Graphs

Published: July 10, 2018


Chen Cao, Lunpin Yuan, Anoop Singhal, Peng Liu, Xiaoyan Sun, S Zhu


In a business-process-support enterprise network, cyber defense and cyber resilience usually become ineffective and even fail in defeating cyberattacks. One of the primary causes is the ineffectiveness of business process impact assessment in the enterprise network. In this paper, we propose a new business process impact assessment method, which measures the impact of an attack towards a business-process- support enterprise network and produces a numerical score for this impact. The key idea is that all attacks derive from exploiting vulnerabilities in the enterprise network, and the impact score is the function result of the severity of the vulnerabilities and the relations between vulnerabilities and business processes. This paper conducts a case study systematically and the result shows the effectiveness of our method.
Proceedings Title: DBSec 2018: Data and Applications Security and Privacy XXXII
Volume: 10980
Conference Dates: July 16-18, 2018
Conference Location: Bergamo, -1
Conference Title: IFIP International Conference on Database and Application Security and Privacy (DBSEC 2018)
Pub Type: Conferences


Mission Impact, Active Cyber Defense, Cloud Computing, Attack Graphs
Created July 10, 2018, Updated July 27, 2018