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Arbitrary waveform generator for quantum information processing with trapped ions



Ryan S. Bowler, Ulrich J. Warring, Joseph W. Britton, J. M. Amini


Ions confined in a multi-electrode trap design have been proposed as a possible basis for quantum information processing. This scheme involves transporting ions between spatially distinct locations using time varying electric potentials combined with laser or microwave pulses for quantum logic in specific locations. We report the development of a fast multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator for applying the time varying electric potentials used for transport. The generator is based on a field-programmable gate array controlled ensemble of 16 bit digital-to-analog converters with an update frequency of 50 MHz and output with a \pm 10 V range. The update rate of our waveform generator is much faster than relevant motional frequencies of confined ions and ion internal state manipulations for our systems, allowing fast and diabatic control. Numerous pre-loaded outputs can be selected with 40 ns latency conditioned on real time signals. Here we describe the device and demonstrate its uses in ion based quantum information experiments, including speed-up of operation times.
Review of Scientific Instruments


Atomic physics, experimental control, fast electronics, trapped ions, quantum information processing


Bowler, R. , Warring, U. , Britton, J. and Amini, J. (2013), Arbitrary waveform generator for quantum information processing with trapped ions, Review of Scientific Instruments, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created March 20, 2013, Updated August 13, 2018