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Approximating the two-mode two-photon Rabi model



Victor Albert, David H. Wu


The Rabi model describes the simplest nontrivial interaction between a few-level system and a bosonic mode, featuring in multiple seemingly unrelated systems of importance to quantum science and technology. While exact expressions for the energies of this model and its few-mode extensions have been obtained, they involve roots of transcendental functions and are thus cumbersome and unintuitive. Utilizing the symmetric generalized rotating wave approximation (S- GRWA), we develop a family of approximations to the energies of the two-mode two-photon Rabi model. The simplest elements of the family are analytically tractable, providing good approximations in regimes of interest such as ultra- and deep-strong coupling. Higher-order approximate energies can be used if more accuracy is required.
Optics Letters


Albert, V. and Wu, D. (2020), Approximating the two-mode two-photon Rabi model, Optics Letters (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created December 13, 2020, Updated April 11, 2024