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Applied Strain on Sealant Samples Exposed to Outdoor Weather



Christopher C. White, Donald L. Hunston, Kar tean Tan


In outdoor exposures used to establish durability of sealant formulations, applied strain is typically absent. It is a critical aspect of the in-service environment. This research employs two recently available techniques to examine how the presence of strain, applied either as at a fixed value or a dynamic strain affects the dimensions and complex modulus of the sealant. It is found that applied strain produces dimensional changes and changes to the complex modulus. The type and direction of the strain is found to be important as well. Finally, a much larger fixed strain is required to produce the same measured modulus change observed from a dynamically applied strain of smaller magnitude.
Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers


sealant, strain, outdoor weathering, modulus, mechanical properties, service life


White, C. , Hunston, D. and tean, K. (2015), Applied Strain on Sealant Samples Exposed to Outdoor Weather, Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created October 19, 2015, Updated February 19, 2017