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Applications of the Spline Filter for Areal Filtration



D Ott, Hao H. Zhang, Daniel B. Ott, Wei Chu, Jun-Feng Song


This paper proposes a general use areal isotropic spline filter. This new areal spline filter can achieve isotropy by approximating the transmission characteristic of the Gaussian filter. It can also eliminate the effect of void areas using a weighting factor, and resolve end-effect issues by applying new boundary conditions, which replace the first order finite difference in the traditional spline formulation. These improvements make the spline filter widely applicable to three-dimensional surfaces and extend the applications of the spline filter in areal filtration.
Measurement Science & Technology


Spline filter, Areal isotropic, Boundary condition, Areal filtration, Surface metrology


Ott, D. , Zhang, H. , Ott, D. , Chu, W. and Song, J. (2015), Applications of the Spline Filter for Areal Filtration, Measurement Science & Technology (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created November 4, 2015, Updated November 14, 2017