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Applications of Ceramics for Healthcare: The Future Has Begun



Grady S. White


Dramatic improvements in our understanding of how biological systems work, diseases initiate, and illnesses progress have given rise to the expectation that many of these ailments can be cured, perhaps even in their precursor states, as new tools are developed that can take advantage of, and extend, our improved knowledge. This paper provides an overview of techniques currently in use or under development that combine optical techniques, properties of materials in various guises, e.g., fibers, light sources/detectors, nanoparticles, and improved understanding of cellular and tissue behavior that could potentially result in major advances in medical treatments. A variety of examples are presented, covering applications that range from basic science through possible clinical diagnostics and medical treatments. Potential benefits, characterization needs, and barriers to application are pointed out.
Proceedings Title
International Congress on Ceramics | 1st | | ICC
Conference Dates
June 25-29, 2006
Conference Location
Toronto, 1, CA
Conference Title
International Congress on Ceramics Proceedings


ceramic, fluorescent tag, healthcare, nanoparticles, photonics, Raman


White, G. (2017), Applications of Ceramics for Healthcare: The Future Has Begun, International Congress on Ceramics | 1st | | ICC, Toronto, 1, CA (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017