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Antimicrobial Agent Evaluation Using Planktonic, Biofilm-Forming and Biofilm Cell States



Daneli Lopez-Perez, Nancy J. Lin, Sheng Lin-Gibson


Biofilms have been implicated in 80 % of all chronic human infections1, yet little attention has been focused on studies of antimicrobial agent efficacy in bacterial biofilms. The planktonic state of bacteria is most commonly studied in the literature; however this model system does not accurately represent the complex biofilm response. Due to increasing antimicrobial resistance and the demand for new antimicrobial strategies and materials, robust protocols are urgently needed to assess antimicrobial agent effects on multiple bacterial stages, including planktonic growth, biofilm formation and preformed/mature biofilms. Quaternary pyridinium salts (QPSs) are unsaturated cationic heterocyclic compounds with antimicrobial properties. In this work, the effects of a novel QPS on the biofilm forming and cariogenic bacteria, Streptococcus mutans UA159 (S. mutans), were evaluated using planktonic, biofilm-forming, and preformed biofilm cells. This project provides insight into approaches to evaluate the effects of promising antimicrobial materials on multiple bacterial states, including preformed biofilms.
Proceedings Title
Society for Biomaterials 2014 Annual Meeting & Exposition
Conference Dates
April 16-19, 2014
Conference Location
Denver, CO
Conference Title
Society for Biomaterials 2014 Annual Meeting and Exposition:Pioneering the Future of Biomaterials


Biofilm, S. mutans, Biomaterials, quaternary ammonium salt, antimicrobial


Lopez-Perez, D. , Lin, N. and Lin-Gibson, S. (2014), Antimicrobial Agent Evaluation Using Planktonic, Biofilm-Forming and Biofilm Cell States, Society for Biomaterials 2014 Annual Meeting & Exposition, Denver, CO (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created April 16, 2014, Updated March 24, 2017