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Anomalous Asymmetric Intermixing in Pt/Ti



P Sule, M. Menyhard, L Kotis, J Labar, William F. Egelhoff Jr.


The ion-sputtering induced intermixing is studied by Monte-Carlo TRIM, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, and Auger electron spectroscopy depth pro_ling (AES-DP) analysis in Pt/Ti/Si substrate (Pt/Ti) and Ta/Ti/Pt/Si substrate (Ti/Pt) multilayers. Experimental evidence is found for the asymmetry of intermixing in Pt/Ti, and in Ti/Pt. In Ti/Pt we get a much weaker interdiffusion than in Pt/Ti. The unexpected enhancement of the interdiffusion of the Pt atoms into the Ti substrate has also been demonstrated by simulations. We are able to capture the essential features of intermixing using TRIM and MD simulations for ion-beam sputtering and get reasonablevalues for interface broadening which can be compared with the experimental measurements. We qualitatively explain the asymmetry of intermixing with the sensitivity of the interdiffusion of Pt to the difference in the lifetime of the heat spikes in Pt/Ti and in Ti/Pt. However, the origin of the asymmetry seems to be more complex and poorly understood yet.
Journal of Applied Physics


intermixing, molecular dynamics, Monte-Carlo, platinum, titanium


Sule, P. , Menyhard, M. , Kotis, L. , Labar, J. and Egelhoff Jr., W. (2021), Anomalous Asymmetric Intermixing in Pt/Ti, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021