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Angular Errors in Polarimetric Radar Cross Section Calibration Using a Rotating Dihedral



Lorant A. Muth, Crystol William, Donald Morales, Timothy Conn


We examine how accurately a radar cross section measurement system?s transmit and receive parameters can be determined by use of a rotating dihedral as the polarimetric calibration device. We derive expressions for the errors due to misalignment in the angle of rotation. We obtain expressions for the angles ?0,hv and ?0,vh for which the measured cross-polarization ratios of a target vanish. Since the theoretical crosspolarization ratio of a cylinder is 0, we can find the calibration bias-correction angles. We use simulated and real data to demonstrate the robustness of this bias-angle correction technique. We derive expressions for the uncertainty in the polarimetric system parameters.
Proceedings Title
Antenna Measurements Techniques Association
Conference Dates
October 30-November 4, 2005
Conference Location
Newport, RI, USA


angular errors, calibration, polarimetric radar cross section, rotating dihedrals


Muth, L. , William, C. , Morales, D. and Conn, T. (2005), Angular Errors in Polarimetric Radar Cross Section Calibration Using a Rotating Dihedral, Antenna Measurements Techniques Association, Newport, RI, USA (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created October 29, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021