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Angular Distribution of Light Scattered From a Sinusoidal Grating



Egon Marx, Thomas A. Germer, Theodore V. Vorburger, B C. Park


The angular distributions of light scattered by gold-coated and aluminum-coated gratings having amplitudes of ~90 nm and periods of 6.67 ¿m were measured and calculated for light incident from a HeNe laser at an angle of 6E. Experimental results are compared with predictions of Beckmann's scalar theory and Rayleigh's vector theory. The measured scattering pattern has a background of scattered light due mainly to residual surface roughness. Also the power in the higher-order peaks is larger by several orders of magnitude than the computed one, which can be attributed mainly to the low-order contributions of the harmonics in the profile.
Applied Optics
No. 25


BRDF instrument harmonics light scattering residual roughness sinusoidal grating stylus instrument


Marx, E. , Germer, T. , Vorburger, T. and Park, B. (2000), Angular Distribution of Light Scattered From a Sinusoidal Grating, Applied Optics (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2000, Updated February 19, 2017